Samsung galaxy s2 hang up problem

Give me solution of this problem. Any suggestions please. Samsung galaxy S2 hangs continuously while using applications Hi Samsung galaxy S2 hangs continuously while using applications Firs of all try to clear the cache memory of apps. If this solve the issue good otherwise have to use factory data resetting. After performing reset problem will be solved. But before you go for reset take backup otherwise will lose the data.

Join Date Oct Posts Samsung galaxy S2 hangs continuously while using applications There is firmware problem in your phone it may be not installed correctly or may be some programs are missing first you have to try to reset your phone. Before doing this backup your all data and applications.

Join Date Dec Posts Samsung galaxy S2 hangs continuously while using applications Hello Friend; Really this is a bad problem and finally it results in the loss of internal memory as I have also faced the same problem. To get rid of this problem I am recommending you to install " Auto Killer Memory Optimizer Pro " and I am providing you with the download link below. If the problem persists then it is good to Reset your Phone. To reset your phone please follow the instructions; First goto "Settings" Then to "Privacy" Now click on "Factory Reset" to reset your phone.

Your phone performance will be best after this work is done.

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Samsung galaxy S2 hangs continuously while using applications 1. Don't use more than 1 app at a time, this leads to hanging of your phone. Scan for virus once , it is possible to present malwares and this leads to huge damage.

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  • Do factory data reset once. If the problem continues then it might be any hardware problem , to resolve this you have to contact the service center. Join Date Jan Posts Samsung galaxy S2 hangs continuously while using applications Hello Sometimes this kind of problem occurred due to heavy loading condition of the device or due to virus file. To solve that problem you can try these steps Try this i hope this will help you. Join Date Jan Posts 1, Samsung galaxy S2 hangs continuously while using applications my dear friend this type of problem mainly occurs mainly due to any virus attack on your phone.

    I think you may have downloaded some file from some untrusted place and it may have cause any virus installation in your phone. We did receive reports from our readers that their phone started to act up and one of the most common problems is being stuck in the boot screen or during the boot up process. However, when it comes to firmware-related problems, we can surely follow some troubleshooting procedures. Read on to understand how this issue happens…. The problem is, the phone comes on, shows the phone details, i.

    How to fix Samsung Galaxy S2 that's stuck in boot screen & other related problems

    It does not go further than that. What can I do? Will you liase directly with me via email so that we can go back and forth till we find a resolution? Thanking you. Before we go any further, if you have other concerns with your phone, visit our Samsung Galaxy S2 Troubleshooting page as it contains hundreds of solutions to problems we already addressed in the past. Find a problem related or the same as yours and try the solutions we provided. Fill up this form and hit submit.

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    • Make sure to provide more information so our solutions will be accurate. It is very effective in dealing with minor firmware and hardware glitches including app crashes and all. This will immediately isolate the problem. If a third-party app has crashing and created a conflict in the system that prevented the phone from booting up normally, then it should start up successfully in safe mode.

      For firmware related issues involving caches, wiping the cache partition is a very effective troubleshooting procedure. It will delete all files or caches used by the system to run apps and services and forcing it to create new ones. If the phone gets stuck somewhere during boot up, I am sure it can boot into recovery mode and you can do this procedure without any issues.

      Here are some problems you may encounter if you own a Samsung Galaxy S2. Read and learn how to fix or troubleshoot them. I have a problem with my operating system which will not allow me to run or even download the newest versions of apps like snapchat. Reply More Link to post. Sourabh Agarwal Agarwal. I try to factory reset my phone it tells me that my Samsung Account Password is incorrect. Thanks man.. Pleeeasee help. Aaron Tilton. My web connection is being funky right now so I can't post the link here right now.

      Try going to the Samsung site and loging in there. They have password reset options that should let you reset your accont password for your phone.

      Samsung galaxy S2 hangs continuously while using applications

      If you don't know the password at all they also have recovery options that let you reset your password via email. Hope that helps. Hi im a newbee but has any one got a video of a hard reset for a galaxy s2 i need to do one but i have a broken screen so i need to do it blind before i can send it away for repair but need to delete all data so if any one can help need video from start to finish as i cant see my sceen thanks joe. I find one thought I'm not sure you'll be able to hard reset your Galaxy S2 with a broken screen.

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      Adaro Erd. Hi, I did do a hard reset, basically lost a lot..

      How to Get Rid of Hang Problem in Samsung Galaxy S4

      It's been just over a year.. Stuck on flight mode.. I do all that I do over wireless network.. Please HELP! Eric McBride.

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      Rachel s. Hi there, I have tried to do the hard reset but it has been 'Donwloading If so, what can I do My phone got pattern locked and wouldn't work using my googlemail login in various forms and nothing else worked! This was the only thing I could do so I am hoping that it does work!

      Thanks a lot. Suyoz Tuladhar. After hard reset my phone's memory has reduced to 4. Please help needed to get my original 16 gb back in my S2. Admin Edit: Promotional Links allowed — modified on Jun 30, , 7: Amin Ibrahim. Guys I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S2 2. So I downloaded the file on the mobile and directly started the firmware update process. I couldn't turn it on at all. I wonder what could be the problem.

      Could any one advice on this matter.